Guide For Selecting A Headstone

custom monuments headstones
by Nick Kurz

Although selecting a headstone might sound easy, it can be quite difficult. Whether you’re choosing one for yourself or need to pick one for a loved one, there are many details you should know about and consider. Of course, you want to make sure your choices will last a lifetime, but the price is also important to consider. So you see how it can get difficult. That’s why Gifford Monument has put together this short guide to help make the decisions a little easier. 

Rules and Regulations

First, you need to speak with an employee at the cemetery about the rules and regulations of the grounds. Not all headstones or monuments are allowed, and other details might be restricted as well. For example, some cemeteries desire a uniform look for the grounds, so a memorial park might only want flat markers to achieve this. Maintenance is taken into account as well, which is why there are restrictions on materials sometimes. Make sure you speak with someone about these details before you begin making decisions about the headstone. 

Headstone Shape

custom headstone designThere are a wide variety of shapes available for headstones. You might not even be aware of all of the available shapes. Take a walk through a cemetery or two and look at the different ones people have chosen. This is a good way to get an idea of the shapes that are available from manufacturers. There are flat, angle, slant, upright, ledger, and a few more, so keep an eye out for what appeals to you. Take a picture if you need to ask professionals if they have the shape or something similar available. 

Headstone Materials

You can also choose from an array of materials available for headstones as well. The most common materials are granite, marble, bronze, and slate. Materials have different appearances, but they also have different longevity periods and maintenance needs, so be sure to think about them when learning about the materials and choosing the right one for the headstone. 

Headstone Inscriptions

custom headstone inscriptionsYou can practically choose whatever you want to be inscribed on a headstone, making the decision very difficult. Look at the inscriptions when you walk around a cemetery. Again, take pictures of the ones you like so you can reference them later. You want to choose something endearing and personal. You want something that will represent the personality of the one the headstone is for.


You should take your time making decisions about a headstone, but the decision shouldn’t be stressful or overwhelming. The experts at Gifford Monument in Ada, Oklahoma, Wylie, Texas, Alamogordo, New Mexico, can help you make the right decision for the headstone you need. Give us a call to set up an appointment. We’d love to help you navigate this time, whether the headstone is for you or a loved one. Don’t forget to follow us on social media for more information. 

Nick Kurz