Risks When Buying Headstones Online

buying headstones online
by oskydeveloper

Purchasing a headstone or monument for a loved one can be a stressful experience. Some may be tempted to perform this task online because it may seem like a simple solution at the moment. However, there are several risks involved with purchasing a headstone online, and these mistakes can be costly. Make sure you ask these important questions before buying granite headstones online.

1. Viewing Headstones Online Looks Different Than In-Person

You want your memorial or headstone to be perfect. Your loved one deserves the best. That is why you need to understand that the grain patterns and coloring of granite vary widely from piece to piece.

By relying on purchasing headstones online, you may have problems examining the Granite natural stone product. While the online proprietor may be honest, the Granite swatches viewed on the computer may vary distinctly from what you really need out of the product.

2. Photographs can be Misleading

This risk ties directly with the swatch risk discussed above; however, we are focusing more on the size of your granite headstone or monument. Although photos have the best intention of representing a product, the headstone may not be the size you need. Ending up with a larger or smaller memorial than what you needed will end up being disappointing and difficult to fix. Even if the photograph has the dimensions of the monument, it is just a more efficient practice to purchase your headstone from a physical storefront.

3. Online Stores Can Come with Surprises

Online shopping has become a lifestyle norm for most people. With the rise of eBay and Amazon Prime, many people prefer to purchase their items online. However, with a monument, as mentioned before, you want to proceed with caution.

Buying headstones online is not cheap, so you want to ensure that every dollar spent on the purchase is what you agreed to spend in your budget. With online stores, there is always the risk of paying over budget without knowing. Some of the ways that companies can nickel and dime you include:

  • Shipping and Receiving Charges
  • Installation Charges
  • Setting Charges
  • Foundation Charges

Make sure that you look for these charges before you enter any credit card information. For questions on these, do not hesitate to call the company to verify what their services fees may be, or if any fees apply at all.

4. Customer Service May Not Be Available

There is just something about needing customer service when you are making a significant purchase. When browsing headstones online, there are bound to be many questions because you surely want to get the process right the first time. You want to purchase your product from a source that is always available to help out. Some sites may send you around in circles to make a phone call to speak to the product provider.

Having trouble finding customer service? Look in these areas:

  • Contact Us page
  • Look for a phone number at the very top or very bottom of the page
  • Look at their About Us page
  • Some online stores have an online chat feature

5. They May Not Know Your Cemetery Requirements

Every cemetery has plot requirements that users must follow to ensure that the proper amount of burials can be performed on the site. A physical seller will work with your local cemetery and personally find out what their requirements are for monuments. In contrast, an online provider may fail to do so and cause unnecessary stress on you and your family.

6. Is There a Warranty or Guarantee?

It’s not uncommon for granite headstones to have some issues over time. Some issues that could happen to a monument include:

  • Cracking
  • Fading
  • Movement or leveling

Before you order any monuments online, look for a warranty or guarantee. If you can’t find one, it doesn’t hurt to call and ask their sales or customer support team. Gifford Monument takes pride in the monuments we create and offer our own warranty on all headstones.

Gifford Monument Will Help Make Your Headstone Preparations

Don’t put your family’s emotional state at risk by opting to take a chance on an online headstone provider for your loved one. Get in touch with Gifford Monument today, and let us answer any questions that you may have. Our staff has been in the business for years, and we know how to approach different situations for different headstone types and cemetery locations.