Cremation Urns: What You Need to Know

cremation urns
by Nick Kurz

cremation urnsLosing a loved one can be hard. Organizing all of the details is very difficult when you’re trying to cope with the loss as well. If your loved one has requested to be cremated and your job is to pick out the urn, this is one extra task that can stress you out on your to-do list, especially if this process is something you’ve never been through before. You probably have a handful of questions which is why we’ve put together this article to answer some of the most common questions about cremation urns. 

Can I Choose from Different Sizes?

Yes, there are multiple sizes of urns offered for different reasons. Most urns are individually sized to hold one person’s ashes. The standard size is 200 cubic inches which hold about 6.8 pints. There is another option that’s made for family members who want to share the ashes. These are keepsake urns that usually vary from 50 to 100 cubic inches. Families often purchase smaller urns if they plan to take home or scatter a portion of the ashes while leaving the rest at the memorial site. 

How Do I Select an Urn?

There is no right way to choose an urn for your loved one. Urns come in many shapes, colors, and materials. These options might seem overwhelming, but it gives you the ability to choose something that honors your loved one in the best way possible. 

Are There Eco-Friendly Options?

Yes. Urns are available in a variety of materials, as mentioned before, even eco-friendly options. Biodegradable options include materials such as bamboo, cornstarch, ceramic, and salt. These are perfect if you want to bury your loved one’s ashes or if you want to scatter them at sea. A salt urn will dissolve within 4 hours of being in a body of water. 

Can I Put Other Items in the Urn?

You can choose to put whatever you please in the urn with your loved one’s remains. Many people choose to add cards, photos, rings, and other keepsakes that honor their loved one. All you have to do is keep the remains in the plastic bag, place them in the urn, and add the other items on top. Then, you can close the container. 


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Nick Kurz