Gifford Monument

Gifford Monument Staff

Nick and Alissa Kurz

Visionaries Guiding Gifford Monument with Heart

Jude Kurz

Honoring Legacies Through Careful Craftsmanship

Iris Kurz

Balancing Academia and Artistry with Grace

Jayden Hanninen

Orchestrating Excellence in Operations

Ruth Desario

Connecting Compassionately, Guiding Thoughtfully

Gail Hassley

Bridging Artistry and Compassion in Memorialization

Steve Cooper

30 Years of Mastery in Monument Craftsmanship

Dee Akers

Orchestrating Excellence in Headstone Production and Inventory

Donnie Akers

Crafting Legacies, Nurturing Precision

Mitchell Kurz

Sculpting Memories Into Stone

Jacob Laster

Crafting Lasting Tributes Through Skilled Installation

Jason Flick

Guiding Precision and Perseverance in Headstone Installation

Jenn Preston

Illuminating Legacies Through Design