Popular Headstone Colors and What They Mean

January 14, 2021
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When a loved one passes away, their headstone is the place for loved ones to preserve their memory. You have to consider many options like engraving, size, and material when designing the monument. All of them are important decisions you should take time to consider. However, color is another way to signify your loved one’s memory and preserve it. You should take this into careful consideration as well. Here are a few common headstone colors and what they mean.

Headstone Colors


Black commonly represents characteristics like strength, authority, and elegance. It often signifies someone who lived a more prestigious, formal lifestyle. They especially stand out when lighter color headstones surround them. 


Gray used to be known as a bland color, but it’s become one of the more popular hues of the world for headstones. The gray can be lighter or darker in color, cooler, or warmer in tone. A gray headstone signifies characteristics such as peace, acceptance, and conservatism. 


The color blue has many different meanings. It envelopes a wide range of powerful, positive emotions. Some of these include peace, tranquility, confidence, love, and stability. This color is perfect for someone who loved dedicating their life to service or for someone who lived a peaceful, happy life. Also, blue has various hues, making it easier to blend with its surroundings while also being distinct enough for loved ones to find it. 


White headstones are used heavily in national cemeteries. The color often signifies things like cleanliness, purity, strength, courage, light, and peace. White can also represent new beginnings, so it is often used for infants or children who passed away before their time.


While some want a color that will blend in, others want to choose a color that is just as bold, fiery, and passionate as the person who passed away. A red headstone is perfect for a person like this. Red often denotes things like energy, power, strength, and love. Red is a color that no one will miss, which is why loved ones choose it for someone sure to be noticed.


As you can see, there are many colors to choose from that signify different things. If you need help determining what color headstone to use, call Gifford Monument today. We know the process can be challenging to go through, so we’re prepared to help you pick the perfect color and details for your loved one’s headstone. For more information on custom monuments, headstones, and grave markers in Ada, Oklahoma, and Wylie, Texas, be sure and follow us on Facebook!