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We Design, Manufacture and Install Grave Stones, Headstones and Cemetery
Monuments in North Texas and Oklahoma

Special Covid-19 Announcement

Due to the Coronavirus or Covid-19 our Showroom area in both the Wylie, TX and Ada, OK will be closed following State and National Protocols.

However, your needs are our primary concern at Gifford Monument. We have set up a special page with several “Contact Us” options so that you can reach out when it is convenient for you and the way you want to communicate. Please click below to visit that page.

Our Showroom

Gifford Monument’s showroom has a design studio and laser engraving facility. The showroom is designed to allow you to choose a design; we then work with you to customize the design to create the legacy that you had imagined for your loved one.

Gifford Monument Price Catalog

For your convenience you may download a two-page PDF catalog of our memorial options with price and size information below. The catalog provides a selection of our most requested memorial and gravestone options as a starting point for you to choose a design. Our staff of designers will then work with you to create the perfect, customized memorial for your loved one.

The Monument Store Direct

The Monument Store Direct has a design studio and laser engraving facility with a system setup to allow you to fully design and customize your monuments.

Gifford Monument Planning Process

custom blank monument

Gifford Monument designs, produces, and installs the finest quality grave markers and memorials. We import granite in a variety of colors from all over the world, thus, you will find a variety of beautiful standard monument designs as well as fully customizable options.

We offer from single or double upright headstones, slants, flat grass markers, and other options. There are four fundamental choices to make when purchasing a cemetery monument; (1) color of granite (2) shape of the granite (3) size of memorial and (4) artwork and design.

custom monument
custom monuments

We Design, Manufacture and Install Cemetery Monuments and Grave Markers in North Texas and Oklahoma

Planning for Family and Loved Ones

Many couples and families come to us prior to the event to help create the vision of their loved one’s Grave Marker and Headstone and ultimately their lasting legacy. Our team specializes in listening, understanding and providing recommendations based on your unique needs.

Our valued employees understand this is the last thing you do for your loved one; we want to guide you through this process in the manner that suits you.

Why Choose Gifford Monument

Free Design and Installation

If you would like assistance designing your own monument, we would love to help. We offer free design and installation for all our cemetery headstones.

Price Matching

We offer price matching across our inventory. While our high-quality granite headstones are affordable, we want to make certain you are financially comfortable with your selection.

Lawaway Plans

Funerals can be very costly, and we understand that money can be tight in these situations. We offer very generous layaway plans to ensure that you’re able to get the best monument possible.

Factory Direct

Each one of our headstones are shipped directly from the factory to the memorial site. By shipping straight from the factory, we are able to ensure that the granite has no cracks and stays in good condition.

We understand that this is a difficult time in your life. Not only are you suffering the loss of a loved one, but you are also looking for the most appropriate way to memorialize them. Finding the perfect monument needs to be a seamless process handled by a professional, working hand-in-hand with you to find the most right memorial.

We offer a unique set of features for every customer to choose from to ensure that the monument selecting process is as custom as possible.

Satisfied Client Stories

Personal Consultation to Create the Perfect Memorial

Our personalized customer service starts with our portfolio of Grave Markers, Headstones, and Monument photos here on our website. When you are ready, our designer will work with you to create the most unique and enduring tribute to your loved one. Our team serves you starting with the design phase through to the finish when your Grave Marker is permanently and perfectly in place to honor your family or friend’s memory.

Our website includes a portfolio of pictures and options of Grave Markers, Headstones, and Monuments that our customers have designed over the years. Our customers use this gallery to get a vision of their ideal Headstone or Grave Marker and then let our designers here at Gifford Monument work with them to create a custom design.