Unique Monument Ideas for Couples

April 29, 2021
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When your life partner passes away, it can feel like a part of you is missing. Although they are no longer physically with you, you can be sure that you will be together in your final resting place with couples monuments. Couples, or companions, monuments are memorials designed to represent the love between two or more individuals and allows them to rest eternally beside each other. Here are some unique monument ideas for your couple’s memorial.


A portrait monument includes a hand-etched or laser-etched picture of the couple for current and future generations to see and remember their loved ones. It can be a portrait of the couple together or separate. People are shocked at the amount of detail we can put into these images.

Individual or Couple Symbols

Often, some symbol represents you as a person or you and your spouse as a couple. Regardless of what that might be, these are unique ways to portray what you were like as a person or as a couple, and it makes your monuments unique to you.

Meaningful Inscription

Inscriptions are a very common way to leave a mark on your monument. Options for spouses include an important date or a quote or song that describes your love or relationship. Whatever you choose, make it unique to you, your spouse, or your surviving family.

Custom-Shaped Monuments

As the name describes, we have tools that can cut monuments into unique shapes. You can choose a custom shape that resembles something important to you and your spouse, such as a religious symbol, or displays your life and love together in a unique way. 


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