Traditional Engraving vs. Laser Etching

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by Nick Kurz

When you are going through options for a headstone design, the wording and pictures that go on it are just as crucial as the monument itself. There are usually two options for transferring the designs onto monuments, and those are laser etching and traditional engraving. There are a few differences between the two, so let’s go through those. 

Traditional Engraving vs. Laser Etching 

Traditional Engraving

Headstones used to be engraved using a hammer and chisel, but sandblasting is the most common practice. One significant benefit of sandblasting is that it doesn’t chip the granite while still allowing the designs to be viewable. However, sandblasting can affect the color of the stone used. You should keep this in mind if the color of the headstone is significant to you. Another drawback is that traditional etching can ear down faster due to various elements. Things like dirt, heavy winds, or rainstorms can collect in the etched design and wear down over time.

Laser Etching 

This option has become the most popular headstone engraving method these days. Laser etching a great option for custom monuments because the laser is much more precise than sandblasting, and does not affect the color of the stone either. Laser etching can also create more intricate details and designs on the headstone because of the fine-tuned lasers used by the computerized machinery. The only possible issue with laser etching is that the engravings are more delicate than traditional methods. 


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Nick Kurz