The Difference Between Headstones and Grave Markers?

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by Nick Kurz

When discussing burial monuments, some terms seem similar but have a few very distinctive differences. Grave markers and headstones are one such example. It’s essential to know the difference because some cemeteries only allow certain types in specific areas. So what is the difference? Gifford Monument has the answers in this short guide.

Grave Markers 

Grave markers are flat. They also typically have bronze plaques on top. Grave markers generally are cheaper since they are closer to the ground and require less material and labor. However, the price varies based on the engraving, color, and materials used. 


Headstones are upright monuments or obelisks. Similar to a grave marker, headstones are usually made of granite. There are also slanted headstones, which are upright with the top cut at an angle where the plaque sits. Headstones are generally more expensive than grave markers because they require more material and labor. Size, color, material, and customization level all factor into the cost, just like grave markers.


If this helped you decide what monument you would like or need help choosing, Gifford Monument is here to help you. Selecting a monument is an important decision, so we are prepared to help you every step of the way and make sure you are 100% pleased with your choices. Be sure and follow our Facebook profile for more information. 

Nick Kurz

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