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For grave markers and monuments placed in a cemetery prior to a loved one passing, a final date will need to be engraved after their passing. This is common when the memorial includes more than one name, a husband and wife for example, when only one has passed. The other spouse’s final date will need to be added to the grave marker.

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This meticulously curated selection is designed to resonate with grieving families, pet owners, and funeral homes alike, aiming to fulfill the need for an enduring symbol of love and legacy. From the traditional to the innovatively personalized, our online catalog presents monuments, cremation solutions, urns, pet memorials, and beautiful companion pieces — each distinct in character yet unified in purpose.



Stone and metal monuments require periodic maintenance to keep them in perfect condition. This may include leveling as the ground settles or as wind or other types of weather cause monuments to lean. If chipping or other damage has occurred our staff will repair the grave marker, repaint any text or designs, and cleaning to keep the monument appearance as beautiful as possible. 

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Gifford Monument can help you design and install family estate monuments of all sizes. Whether you need small plaques or markers, or something larger and more decorative, we offer a variety of designs to provide lasting memories of your family and loved ones.

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We provide simple or decorative mausoleums in a variety of sizes and styles. Choose from single tombs or larger structures accommodating multiple caskets or containers. We work with you and your family to design and install the mausoleum at the cemetery of your choice.

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Cremation has become an increasingly requested option for families seeking different options than typical grave markers and headstones. Our staff works with families to design or choose cremation urns, benches, private structures, or other containers to commemorate the life of their loved ones.

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Our services are expand beyond grave stones and monuments. We also work with our customers to create unique signs for businesses, neighborhoods, estates, buildings, and more. Materials range from stone to bronze or granite.



Gifford Monument creates civic memorials for our customers. We work with civic organizations, universities, military, fire departments, police, government departments, and other organizations. Our staff can help you design and install exactly what you need for your civic memorial.

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We Design, Manufacture and Install Cemetery Monuments and Markers in New Mexico, North Texas, and Oklahoma