Designing a Headstone for Your Loved One

Headstone example
by Nick Kurz

Headstone example

When someone passes, planning a funeral and burial is often the last thing their loved ones want to do. However, a fitting burial and funeral are a critical part of honoring their life. When you are planning a funeral, one vital thing to consider is the headstone. The headstone will be a lasting reminder of your loved one, so you want it to represent them in the right way. Here are a few things Gifford Monument Works thinks everyone should consider when designing a custom headstone!


Money isn’t always an issue, but sometimes it can be. Your budget is an important thing to keep in mind when designing the headstone. Many things go into the price of a monument, so there isn’t a correct “average cost.” Things like material, size, finish, lettering, and artwork all affect the price. There are also monument installation and delivery fees you need to keep in mind as well.

What Kind of Headstone Will You Want?

You should check with the cemetery before choosing a marker or monument style. Some cemeteries have limitations on what kind of headstone you can have, depending on where the plot is you’ve purchased. Outside of that, granite and bronze headstones are the most common because they are durable and cost-effective. You should choose granite if you are looking for multiple colors. There are upright monuments, flat markers, bevels, slants, and cremation monuments. Bevel headstones are slanted, with the back edge being higher than the front. Slanted monuments are upright, rock-pitched, and have a polished face. 

What Will It Say?

  • Take your time choosing what the inscription will be. It is the most critical part of the headstone. 
  • Designate a family representative to oversee the process. This makes the process of deciding what the headstone will say run more efficiently. That way, you don’t have many opinions you need to take into account and try to accommodate. 
  • Try to avoid generic phrasing and cliches. Making the inscription unique and personal will have a more sentimental effect. 
  • Choosing an experienced designer is vital as well. With this being the most important part of the headstone, you want it to look perfect. 

Designing a monument is a complicated process. Having an experienced, dedicated monument designer on your side will make a world of difference. So if you are having trouble figuring out the best option for your loved one’s headstone, call Gifford Monument Works in Ada, Oklahoma, and Wylie, Texas! We know how important this decision is, and we will help you get there. Don’t forget to follow us on social media to keep up to date with the latest industry news!

Nick Kurz